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About Us

Our concept – Fighting for a fitter planet! 

Rawdish offers you the highest quality of healthy, raw & vegan food by using fresh, purely organic (100% bio-certified) and local ingredients. We use carefully researched superfoods to add that little something to power you up with all the energy you need for the day, boost your immune system and make sure that you’re staying in good shape all year long.


Our added value - Good quality, better food!

• We provide full ingredient & product transparency

• Our ingredients are as far as possible sourced from local producers

• We offer non proceeded high quality meals at fair prices

• We reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum and ensure sustainability

• We are raising people’s nutritional awareness

• We support the local economy and social projects

• We use 100% compostable packaging

• We absolutely love what we do!

Our local production in Sandweiler!